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If you are looking for some more power to make your penis harder and gear up for a perfect stroking session, the Pretty Love Black Power Ring will be an awesome pick. Flexible in size, this super vibrating cock ring has been designed to let men hold on to their ability to stay strong and erect during intercourse. It comes with a powerful vibrating machine that lets the ring vibrate so as to cause extreme stimulations on the penis. Pretty Love Black Power Ring is no doubt an advanced erotic toy that comes equipped with 10 different functions so that the user enjoys varying sensations on the most sensitive parts of his body. This black power ring is made of pure quality silicone and is quite skin-friendly. As it is equipped with a vibrator, it is powered by three LR44 batteries. Buy online Pretty Love Black Power Ring, bring it home and enjoy the craziest of erections you have never experienced.

Category: Cock ring

Material: Silicone

Special Feature: 10 functions.


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