Terms and conditions

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We operate the sextoysinbangkok.com website. We are a Thailand-based company sextoysinbangkok.com. Ecommerce is its parent organization and a rumored association in Thailand. The sextoysinbangkok office is at Nana Plaza in Bangkok 3, 1 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

According to the online market policy, we have the all terms and conditions for those who visit our website or who buy sex toys from our website. All customers who visit sextoysinbangkok.com should read and understand the all terms and conditions of the sextoysinbangkok.com website. All terms and conditions are the followings –

The user should be 18 or above – According to the Thailand government, a user to visit or shop at the sex toys in Bangkok must have legal age. The legal age for doing adult activities is 18 or above so the user should be 18 or above for placing an order at sex toys in Bangkok. For accepting the order at sex toys in Bangkok first confirm the user’s age then the order will be processed and in any case, if the user is found below the legal age so the order should be canceled. Sex toys are an adult product so for placing a successful order the user should be an adult or equal to or above the legal age according to the government.

Report Us WithIn 48 Hours – If any customer gets the wrong product after the delivery then the customer should have a right to report us within 48 hours after the delivery then our complain team take quick action on your report and if we found any mistake from our side then the customer gets the best solution from our team and a sorry gift from our side for our mistake.

Products To Be Replaced And not Refundable – After your report, if we find that you really get the wrong product then we can replace your wrong item with the right one and also give you a sorry gift from our side. Not to worry if you get the wrong product mistakenly your product should be replaced asap without any extra charges.

Branded And Genuine Quality Products – The sex toys in Bangkok store deals with the best and most genuine quality sex toys for all our customers. We have the top qualities of sex toys and all top brands of sex toys like ohmi bond, lovense, pretty love, etc. Our all products are made of pure silicone material and all are safe to use. Our all products are medically tested products and have to be proven safe to use by the medical superiors. So no need to worry just visit sextoysinbangkok.com and buy the latest and branded sex toys and make your sex life happier.